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Mission: Longevity

As scientists and pet lovers, we understand the link between healthy food and happier, longer lives for our furry ones.
After all, they eat mainly the same foods day in and day out. If their food is unbalanced and made with low-quality ingredients, it can lead to inadequate nutrition that can cause chronic diseases, energy deficiencies, and shortened life-spans. The good news? The opposite is also true. Feed them good food and they’ll be set for a long, rewarding life.


Nutrition Accomplished

Pet nutrition is complex, but at My Zone Blue we’ve spent years getting it down to a science. Our approach is clear and simple:


  • Clean ingredients only. Our formulas, toppers, and treats are made with human-grade, non-GMO, responsibly-sourced ingredients.

  • Nothing artificial. Our food is naturally nutritious and naturally delicious.

  • Love and lots of science. We tirelessly test our recipes using the latest in pet nutrition research. Then we add extra servings of love and care.

  • Proven and measured. A unique ratio of macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) in our products mimics your pets’ ancestral eating habits for optimal nutritional value. We take into account what's currently known in metabolism and inflammation to create formulas that are scientifically proven to prevent chronic illnesses.

  • Raw and intelligent. Feeding them raw food is the most effective way to preserve the vitamins and enzymes found in their diets. We freeze-dry our formulas because it’s one of the safest and most convenient ways to preserve nutrients and flavors.


No Secrets Here

We’re committed to full transparency and honesty about our ingredients, how they’re sourced, and our manufacturing process. Everything we do has environmental impact, so we’re proactive about making our production sustainable and eco-friendly. These steps include: 

  • Using only cage-free/free range, humanely raised animals.
  • Sourcing only non-GMO produce from local farms.
  • Ensuring all our manufacturing facilities, suppliers, and partners are USDA-inspected.
  • Testing all raw pet products before they’re released.


Learn more about the links between pet food and pet health at our blog.



Health at the heart of everything

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